Sahiwal Tragedy Gets on Government’s Nerves

[wp_ad_camp_1]Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) led government is facing a testing time these days and only the time would prove whether it comes out of it victorious or it faces the same fate which the past regimes had been facing.

The incident of Sahiwal in which four persons including a young girl was killed has become a real test for the present government. So far with regard to this incident its performance seems miserable. The victims are running from pillar to post to get justice and citizens are also in shock after happening of the incident. The visuals on mainstream and social media of the Sahiwal incident have forced the citizens to think how one may be insecure in these circumstances. The impact caused by this incident seems irreparable.

Perhaps no sensible person would forget the bottle of water in the hands of young victim girl who will suffer throughout her life with this trauma. This is good gesture that CM Punjab said that the state would be responsible for the affairs of children of Khalil. However, one wonders who many heirless children were taken care in the 70 years history of Pakistan. One may only hope that this time at least the state would take care in literal sense at least for these three victim children.

The provincial government in Punjab has been strongly disparaged by the critics for its performance over the issue. Even presenting flowers to the victim children by the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar was strongly criticized by the opposition as it was of the opinion that one is not supposed to present wreath of flowers to the victims when someone pays visit to offer condolences.

However, the concrete measures to provide justice to the victims will put some faith in the PTI led government which is not only in power in the centre but also in government in the three provinces including KP, Punjab and Balochistan.

Being a fan of cricket I often come across cricket commentary in which the commentators strongly criticize a cricketer for his poor performance on the field. These commentators themselves are generally international cricketers of the past. They make comments on someone’s poor performance although they themselves had committed these mistakes when they were themselves playing cricket for their country.

Imran Khan initial fame is due to cricket and he is lucky enough that he is still on the field but it’s the arena of the politics in which he has to prove what he has been advocating to the people of this country for the past 20 years. He asked the citizens to trust him and people showed confidence in him by giving him votes in the general election of 2018. Now he is the premier and it’s time to prove that he is the true custodian of promises which he made with the public and he will fulfill these promises at every cost.


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