2,133 pending cases of fatal diseases’ treatment seek Premier attention

[wp_ad_camp_1]Amongst approved cases of fatal diseases 71 lying pending with federal government for clearance/payment

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Since the formation of current government in centre a total of 2,133 cases of fatal diseases for financial assistance for medical treatment of poor patients are lying pending in Prime Minister’s office Grievances Wing.

Moreover a total of 71 cases amongst the already approved cases are lying pending for clearance /payment with Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination under the project of treatment of fatal diseases.

Out of 71 these pending cases there are some patients who have already expired and clearance to this effect is yet to take place.

These fatal diseases which are covered under this project include liver transplant, bone-marrow transplant and cancer.

Revelations into this effect was recently made by Prime Minister’s Public Affairs and Grievances Wing to a starred question of Senator Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Jamot.

The Senator had inquired about number of cases of financial assistance for medical treatment at present and procedure and estimated time laid down for approval of the said cases besides inquiring whether the procedure of these cases is lengthy and steps being taken to make procedure smooth and easy.

To this question the Upper House of the Parliament was told that since the launch of the programme a total of 1,002 poor patients have benefited from the treatment of fatal diseases. From amongst approved cases, a total of 71 cases are pending clearance/payment with Ministry of national Health Services, Regulation and Coordination.

The programme has remained on halt since June 1st, 2018 except for one case with induction of caretaker government and hitherto remains so.

While giving details of these pending cases and reasons behind it, the Upper House of the Parliament was informed that only once approved case was received from PM office in 2018-19 while 71 cases are lying pending from 2017-18.

Out of these 71 cases Rs41.39 million were sanctioned by PM for 19 patients while pre-receipt bill is awaited yet. While elaborating reasons in this connection it was stated that continuous calls for one week were made by the ministry but it went unattended. Letters were also dispatched at patents’ home addresses but no communication could be made to this effect.

Rs1.8 million were sanctioned for two patients suffering from fatal diseases which are also waiting for pre-receipt bill and reasons behind these pending  cases was mentioned that the patients demand cash should  be paid to them first and they then would do treatment at hospital.

Rs5.8 million were sanctioned by PM for treatment of four patients but these patients are already under treatment at hospital.

Rs23.64 million were also sanctioned by PM for treatment of 18 patients and patients are willing for treatment.

Rs7.9 million were sanctioned by PM for treatment of four patients but the patients are not willing for treatment.

Rs8.9 million were sanctioned by PM for three patients suffering from fatal  diseases and treatment was done outstanding to hospital.

Another Rs12.45 million were sanctioned for three patients but treatment was done before issuance of undertaking by the ministry.

Rs28.66 million were sanctioned for 11 patients but they have already expired. Rs10.24 million were sanctioned for three patients and they expired but their  attendants want reimbursement. Rs10.37 million were sanctioned for three more patients but patients demand change off hospital.

Rs0.55 million were sanctioned for a patient but the father of this patient said that doctors  at some other hospital told  him  that his  son treatment is not possible in Pakistan and he needs to go to India for treatment. However, patient’s father is still  thinking about treatment at Pakistan.

In all these 71 cases pre-receipt bill got the status of ‘waiting’ so far.





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