Charity Begins at Hotel

Charity Begins at Hotel

Residents of Arya Mohallah Rawalpindi getting free potable water facility since 1985 due to courtesy of Park Hotel

Pak Chronicle Report


Residents of Arya Mohallah, Rawalpindi are lucky enough that they are being provided filtered water free of cost, 24 hours of day and seven days of week irrespective of the fact whether there is electricity or not.

The owner of Park Hotel has been providing potable water facility, free of cost of the residents of Arya Mohallah since roughly around 1985. These are not only the resident of Arya Mohallah who enjoy this facility but people of nearby localities also take water from this point.

Due to this filtered plant even an entrepreneur who runs a Tandoor near it has displayed a placard which says, “Rotis are baked here with the filtered water.” This is something which is rare in nature in Pakistan as one has to take bottled water against substantial price at restaurants if he/she wants filtered water to drink. Getting backed naans or rotis of filtered water is out of question.

Providing security, health and education facilities, supply of potable water and many other things are supposed to be the responsibility of the state. However, it does not seem the case when one observes things over here.

The citizens who can afford get security for themselves. Large number of security guards deployed at factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping plazas, residences and everywhere is the reflection that getting security has become personal matter for any individual.

Due to below the par performance of schools the parents are forced to get their children admitted to private schools where heavy fees are charged.

In this scenario an individual is providing free of cost filtered and fresh water to thousands of the citizens. There are also some filter plants of public sector in the locality but they are often out of water due to one or other reasons. So the citizens of the locality and nearby areas come over here to get potable and germs free water for their families.

One may observe many citizens including children with water cans in their hands who wait their turn on this facility. They generally put their cans in queue to mark their number. When someone has filled his can with water, other one put his can under the water tape to fill it without any delay. Due to excessive use of this facility generally water tape gets out of order which also is promptly replaced to continue supply of water to the citizens.





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