Is it under consideration to raise salary of PM?

Is it under consideration to raise salary of PM?

Pak Chronicle Report

MNA Kheal Das Kohistani of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) on Friday has submitted a calling attention notice in the National Assembly inquiring whether is it being considered to raise the salary of the prime minister.

The calling attention notice has been submitted in view of the statement of Prime Minister of Pakistan that his salary was not enough to cover his household affairs from his salary.

The MNA inquired is it difficult for the chief executive of the country to cover his household expenses in his salary.

“If it’s difficult for PM to cover his household expenses from his salary then how the members of the parliament, federal ministers, advisors and employees are covering their household expenses,” the calling attention notice reads.

MNAs including Maiza Hameed and and others signed this calling attention notice.

MNA Kheal Das Kohistani. Picture taken from internet


Prime Minister Imran Khan recently had told the business community that he cannot cover his household expenses from his salary.

He was presenting himself as an example while talking about the need for austerity during a meet and greet with business leaders.

“We have reduced the expenses of Prime Minister House by 40 per cent,” he told businessmen, adding that he was trying to ‘change the culture’ starting with himself.

“I live in my own home, pay my own expenses. My [official] salary is not enough to cover the expenses of my own household,” he had added.






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